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    Take advantage of our free* delivery service. Send us a photo of your prescription or give us a call to get started. (*conditions apply)

  • Food Supplements Canmore

    Natural Health

    Our pharmacy offers advice on some of Canada’s leading natural health brands to improve sleep, provide energy, address chronic ailments, reduce inflammation, slow aging, and more.

  • Food Supplements Canmore

    Travel Clinic

    Patients choose us for travel vaccines because we provide; (1) comprehensive assessment (2) low consultation and injection fee and (3) insurance direct billing. Book an appointment today!

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    Veterinary Medicine

    We source high-quality pharmaceutical ingredients and compound them into pet-friendly dosage forms resulting in affordable, and pet-specific, medicine.

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    Our laboratory and compounding area is a nationwide benchmark for compounding pharmacies. Our open concept labs allow you to watch your medication being prepared.

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    Blister Packaging

    Have difficulty remembering how or when to take your medication? We can package your medication into a blister pack to improve compliance and the effectiveness of your medication.

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    Medication Reviews

    Do you have a complex regime of medications, or perhaps you take multiple medications and still feel unwell? Give us a call to book a free comprehensive review of your medications.

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    Over The Counter Medicine

    Is that winter cold getting you down, or do you have dry eyes? We keep a comprehensive range of products for minor ailments, so drop in and get advice from one of our friendly pharmacists.

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