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Ashif Bhadiani

Ashif Bhadiani,
Owner and Pharmacy manager

Ashif Bhadiani completed a Bachelor’s in Medical Sciences from The University Of Western Ontario in 2007 with a specialization in Pharmacology and Physiology. In order to simultaneously accomplish his wish to study further, and fulfill his desire to travel he went on to pursue a Masters Degree at the University of Nottingham in England In 2012. In 2016, he moved back to Canada in order to pursue his entrepreneurial goals and chose Alberta to practice pharmacy due to its’ unique and expanded scope of practice. Over the next few years he practiced as a Clinical Pharmacist for Shoppers Drug Mart, and in 2019 went on to be the Licensee and Pharmacy Manager at Reflections pharmacy. In 2020, Ashif opened his first pharmacy venture, Grassroots Pharmacy in Canmore.

Eduardo San Juan

Eduardo San Juan,
Pharmacist Assistant

Eduardo San Juan is a Pharmacy Assistant with a strong passion for assisting pharmacists and supporting colleagues. He is dedicated to fulfilling your prescription needs and takes great pride in going above and beyond in every task , leveraging the knowledge he acquired during his Pharmacy Assistant course. During the Pandemic, he came to realize the importance of adaptability in such crucial circumstances. While some faced layoffs and others remained at home, he became determined to make the most of the situation and remain vigilant against the spread of Covid-19. This global pandemic has impacted us physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. This is what inspired Eduardo to pursue a career in pharmacy. Recognizing an opportunity for personal growth, he challenged himself to acquire basic skills in pharmacy operations, including prescription filling, addressing minor inquiries within his expertise, and managing appointments. These newfound abilities were a positive outcome of the pandemic. Eduardo successfully completed his Pharmacy Assistant course in July 2021!



Jozette Oliva,
Pharmacist Assistant

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