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BioClinic Optimega-3W/vitamine

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Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil support a number of cardiovascular health factors, including supporting artery health, maintaining triglyceride levels already within the normal range, supporting blood pressure already within the normal range, and maintaining platelet counts already within the normal range.*1–4 These fatty acids comprehensively support the maintenance of overall cardiovascular health.*5,6EPA and DHA also support cognitive function through multiple mechanisms, as they are necessary for neuronal membranes and thus normal neuronal function.*7,8EPA and DHA are essential to organizing the body’s response to cellular damage and the clearance of cellular debris, providing the substrates for prostaglandins, resolvins and protectins.*9–1 Omega-3 fatty acids help support cardiovascular health, maintain healthy immunity, and support healthy neurological function.*12–17 EPA/DHA helps maintain normal neurocognitive function and support a healthy mood.*18–20 Meta-analyses of randomized trials found supplementation helped maintain healthy lipid levels, support healthy metabolism, and maintain HbA1c already within the normal range.*21–23

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