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BioClinic Theracurim 2X

Manufacturer: BioClinic

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Theracurmin helps support cardiovascular health in a variety of ways by helping to maintain normal blood viscosity, providing antioxidant activity, and maintaining LDL cholesterol, already within the normal range, in its unoxidized state.*1,2,3 It may also have a role in supporting appropriate angiogenesis and apoptosis.*4 Theracurmin also helps support joint health and mobility.*5Previously, curcumin’s role in health maintenance has been limited by its poor systemic bioavailability, as it is poorly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and rapidly metabolized.6 Advanced manufacturing techniques used to make Theracurmin have reduced its particle size over 100-fold, and the combined use of natural source emulsifiers to form a colloidal suspension has greatly improved curcumin’s solubility and bioavailability. This significantly increases blood levels of curcumin many times than other preparations, including so-called enhanced forms of curcumin.Theracurmin increases curcumin levels in a linear and dose-dependent manner, bypassing previous limits of curcumin supplementation to achieve optimal blood levels of curcumin.7,8

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